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Keri Donnellan
Owner / Instructor
Keri Donnellan - Jazzercise Bucks, Beds, Herts

I first attended Jazzercise way back in 1991 and was hooked from the start. I qualified as an instructor in 1993 and for 15 years learnt my trade teaching for other class owners across Bucks, Beds & Herts. Then after my daughter was born in 2006, I decided to take redundancy from my day job and start my own classes. In September 2007, I started 6 classes a week in Aylesbury & Tring, just me teaching. It was scary but exciting. Since then, I have trained 19 instructors and currently have a team of 10 Associate Instructors working with me. We have morning, evening and weekend class options, plus different formats from the standard Dance Mixx classes to Lo Impact classes, Strength, Express.

What I am most proud of since becoming a Class Owner is the community that has built up organically around the classes – instructor friendships, customers who have never met forming great friendships, people finding an escape from daily pressures at class, supporting each other through difficult times and of course people’s fitness and health success stories.

We are way more than just an exercise class!

Describe yourself as an instructor I love to make sure my customers are successful, knowing what they are doing and how they are doing it.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor?  I make sure they have a lot of fun while working hard!

Year Qualified 1993

Joined Jazzercise 1991

Day job – Jazzercise Class Owner

Kids/Pets – one daughter, one beagle and two cats

Other hobbies – travel, food and wine

What got me into Jazzercise – I’d put on a lot of weight at university and a friend suggested Jazzercise… I was hooked from the start!

Something unique – I always wanted to be a dancer – from dancing to Top of the Pops on a Thursday evening as a young girl…but my Mum said I was too clumsy for dance lessons! Then dancing on podiums in London clubs from the mid to late 90s and becoming a Jazzercise instructor. Some would say I like to be the centre of attention?! But I just love to dance.

Favourite class format – Dance Mixx

Regular classes I teach – Aylesbury, Leighton Buzzard & Wilstone


Hannah Blomfeld
Hannah B.

Describe yourself as an instructor - I focus on the more dancey routines with as many hip shakes and shimmies as possible

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? I'm smiley and am good at telling them about the muscles they're using

Year qualified - 2017

Joined Jazzercise - 2016

Day job - Pensions Consultant

Kids/Pets - One child under 1yr

Other hobbies - Making handbags

What got me into Jazzercise - I was looking for a fun form of dance/exercise that allowed me to meet new people in the local area

Something unique - My aunt lives next door to Ed Sheeran

Favourite class format - Interval Dance Mixx

Chrissie Collins
Chrissie C.

Describe yourself as an instructor  Fun, Bubbly and passionate

What do your customers say about you as an instructor  I smile a lot 😀

Year Qualified 2016

Joined Jazzercise 2013

Day job  Face Painter

Kids/Pets 2 daughters and 3 cats, Marmite, Frosty and Domino

Other hobbies I love dancing and doing Art Work

What got me into Jazzercise  A customer who still attends classes told me about Jazzercise and I joined that night. Thank you 😉

Something unique In 2002 I directed and choreographed my own show with 10 other dancers. A complete sell out both nights at the Compass Theatre in Ruislip

Favourite class format  Strike

Regular classes I teach  Wilstone and Tring

Michaela Cuozzo-Smith
Michaela Cuozzo-Smith

Describe yourself as an instructor – Jazzercise made a very positive change to my life and I became an instructor because I really liked the idea of being able to help do that for other people, so I hope I’m a supportive and encouraging instructor.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? Probably that I sing and talk a lot!

Year Qualified 2013

Joined Jazzercise 2012

Day job – Operations Manager for a pub/restaurant.

Kids/Pets – 1 human girl, 1 boy dog!

Other hobbies – I’ve been knitting, sewing and crocheting since my Grandma taught me when I was little. I also like weight training in the gym (Grandma didn’t teach me that!)

What got me into Jazzercise – My neighbour wanted to try it and asked me to go along too. She never went back and I became an instructor within a year!

Favourite class format – Dance Mixx (can’t beat the original!)

Regular classes I teach – Wilstone

Charlie Dugard

Describe yourself as an instructor - I absolutely love bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm to a class.... motivating our customers to work hard but at the same time have lots of fun and smile.

Year qualified - 2020

Joined Jazzercise - 2018

Day job - Baker and Mum

Kids/Pets – Daughters Hattie & Georgie and Hercules the Shetland 9

Other hobbies - socialising....dancing....most importantly family

What got me into Jazzercise - getting a full body workout in 1 hour

Favourite class format - Strike

Regular classes I teach – Wilstone

Beth Gallagher
Beth G

Describe yourself as an instructor I have lots of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to my classes and I love to challenge myself as well as my customers. 

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? My customers think I'm bonkers and say I'm very bouncy.

Year Qualified 2011

Joined Jazzercise 2009

Day job - I work freelance supporting people with disabilities and their families, putting care packages together. I work this round my children from home.

Kids/Pets - I have 2 boys and 2 cats

Other hobbies - I love to keep fit in other ways as well as Jazzercise so as a family we go on lots of walks and bike rides and I like to run for some "me" time too.

What got me into Jazzercise - I was very over weight and in a rut so something had to be done. I went to my first class and have been hooked ever since

Favourite class format - Hard to choose... probably Interval Fusion or Ex/S45

Regular classes I teach -  Leighton Buzzard

Sarah Mackay
Sarah M

Describe yourself as an instructor - fun, happy and positive. I aim to give the customers the best workout possible, in order for them to feel good about themselves whilst at class.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? I am evil, that I enjoy inflicting pain on customers lol .. but all for the right reasons. No matter how hard we are working, I always encourage them to push through to the end, as they can do it.

Year qualified - 2009

Joined Jazzercise - 2008

Day job - Teaching Assistant

Kids/Pets - 2 children

Other hobbies - Shopping, cinema, spending time with family and friends, sports, holidays

What got me into Jazzercise - love to dance and exercise

Favourite class format - love all the different formats

Hannah O’Reilly
Hannah O

Describe yourself as an instructor Bouncy, sometimes goofy, enthusiastic and fun! I really want everyone in the room to leave class feeling absolutely amazing, energised and positive

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? That I’m happy, friendly, approachable and upbeat! I’ve been told that my “cute face” on stage helps them forgive me when they can feel the burn the next day!!

Year Qualified 2019

Joined Jazzercise 2017

Day job – Primary school teacher

Kids/Pets – The 30 children I have at school are my only babies for now.

Other hobbies – Anything active, I love doing martial arts with my boyfriend, I enjoy long walks (especially down in Cornwall where my parents live) and I enjoy ballet and tap dancing too!

What got me into Jazzercise – I was looking for a workout that would have a good amount of cardio and strength and a friend from school recommended Jazzercise seeing as I enjoy dancing and she wanted to tick bring a guest off her quest card. I came along that evening and fell instantly in love and signed up straight away!

Something unique – I’ve trained in kickboxing and have a strong left hook

Favourite class format – Can’t go wrong with classic Dance Mixx, but I do love switching it up with Interval Fusion!

Regular classes I teach – Winslow

Karen Peterson
Karen P

Describe yourself as an instructor Enthusiastic, energetic and approachable. My aim is to give customers a challenging workout but make it fun at the same time. 

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? This feels odd to answer but here goes! Professional, motivating and friendly. 

Year Qualified I first qualified in 2010, had a little break and then re-qualified in 2018. I missed instructing too much! 

Joined Jazzercise 2008

Day job - Owner of Tick Tock - a music group for under 5s in Berkhamsted and most importantly Mum to Henry. 

Kids/Pets - Henry and a dog 

Other hobbies - Keeping Henry entertained! Enjoying time with my family and friends. 

What got me into Jazzercise - I love to dance and as a child I went to Jazz classes so when my mum saw an advert for Jazzercise classes she thought it would be perfect for me and she was right! It was the first form of exercise that I loved and stuck at as an adult.  I also love to sing and act so being an instructor gives me that buzz and keeps me fit too. 

Something unique - Me! 

Favourite class format - Dance Mixx (latin routines are my favourites!)

Regular classes I teach - Cheddington and Pitstone. 

Siew Yen Tew
Siew Yen

Describe yourself as an instructor - I want customers to be the best they can be.   It’s not about killing yourself but pushing yourself while still maintaining good form.  I’m as hard on myself as I am on my customers and I sweat like a sweaty man

What do your customers say about you as an instructor?  Bossy but fun

Year Qualified 2011

Joined Jazzercise  2008

Day job – Marketing Executive

Kids/Pets – 1 son

Other interests – Yoga (badly), School Governor

What got me into Jazzercise – I’ve always preferred group exercise and had the print ad from my local paper on my fridge for about 6 months until I finally took the plunge because my other exercise class closed .I loved it (country music routines aside!)

Something unique – I once ran Junior Jazzercise sessions for every school year (7) in one day at my son’s school and raised over £900 for their PTA

Favourite class format – Dance Mixx is the original and best but I do also enjoy Strike and Fusion

Regular classes I teach – Aylesbury area